I have been training with Andrew Coates for over two years now. When I first began this endeavor with Andrew, I never knew what to expect out of him. As time progressed, I have achieved a tremendous increase in my strength, endurance and energy level. I have lost over 15lbs of body fat and gained lean muscle over the course of time. Andrew Coates pushes me beyond my limits while giving me 100% of his support. Andrew really takes the time to get to know you and your goals in the gym. He has a broad knowledge of nutrition and stresses that is key to achieving your goals in the gym. He is attentive to your form to ensure you are lifting and learning proper form. For me to stick with Andrew Coates for over couple years of personal training means that he is doing a great job, I’m achieving my goals.

If you are thinking about personal training, I highly recommend calling Andrew and take the first step. You will not regret it. 4% of my day with Andrew Coates is well worth my time. Trust me, 3 months from now you will thank yourself.

Dane J Hingorani

I’ve been a competitive athlete my whole life, I spent 4 years working as a Personal Trainer, I’ve competed on the world stage as a long distance triathlete. I could swim, bike and run for hours and hours. But I was weak. I had a laundry list of injuries and about 50 different rehab exercises on my plate.

Coming into another off season I decided I needed to do something different. I was switching to a pure cycling focus and I needed to get ducking strong. I mentioned this notion to a co worker and said I was thinking about talking to a trainer at Evolve. She suggested Andrew and I immediately sent him a message. He was hesitant, given my history and my goals. I told him I didn’t need any more rehab exercises and I wasn’t looking for a cycling coach. I needed someone to push me. I liked that he was real, he didn’t make any promises that I would be fixed.


One of our first sessions he asked me how heavy I’d been lifting and was surprised when I said I could only squat the bar. He trusted my experience as an exercise therapist and gave me a program to work through on my own. Training with Andrew has given me the confidence I needed to push myself in the gym and has kept me strong and healthy throughout race season. In the past 8 months I’ve gained not only muscle mass and pure strength, I’ve gone from trying to survive a bike race to standing on the podium.

Jessica Lacoursiere